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No matter what recreational activity you choose to follow, if you are moving with intensity, training with volume, and pursuing this activity for months & years, minor tweaks and injuries are inevitable. CrossFit is no exception to this. Injuries happen with CrossFit, just as they do with powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding, running, and any organized sport. Yet, there is still a widely held belief that CrossFit is itself a more dangerous activity.


Fortunately, for those wanting to learn the truth about CrossFit injury rates, there are a number of studies that have examined this topic. (For obvious reasons we will be ignoring the research the NSCA published with faulty data that made injury rates look MUCH higher than they actually were)
Three recent research studies examined the number of injuries that occurred in CrossFit athletes per 1,000 training hours (Moran 2017, Hak 2013, Montalvo 2017). These three studies found between 2.1 and 3.1 injuries per 1,000 training hours.

Moran 2017 concluded that “the injury incidence rate associated with CrossFit training was low, and comparable to other forms of recreational fitness activities.”Hak 2013 had similar findings, saying that the “injury rates with CrossFit training are similar to that reported in the literature for sports such as Olympic weight-lifting, power-lifting and gymnastics…”. Strength and Conditioning Research put together this great review of injury rates in various strength sports which supports the above statements.

To take this a step further, it would be very unusual to hear athletes, coaches, or rehab professionals saying that running is unsafe or advocating for running to be abolished as is frequently said in relation to CrossFit injury rates. But the injury rates for runners has been reported to be between 2.5 to 12.1 per 1,000 training hours (van Mechelen 1992). And according to a 2012 USA Triathlon report, triathlons see one DEATH per 76,000 participants. Yes DEATHS. No know link to death from CrossFit exists but you don’t seem to hear medical providers screaming that triathlons are horrible.

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As mentioned at the start of this article, anytime an athlete pursues a recreational activity with intensity & volume, injuries are possible. And CrossFit injuries are no exception.

The Montalvo 2017 that found 2.3 per 1,000 training hours also looked more closely at the participants to help gain an understanding of why CrossFit injuries occur. First, they found that athletes with higher body mass were more likely to experience injuries.

Second, they found that competitors were more likely to have injuries. This makes sense given that competitors are likely to train at higher intensities, higher volumes, and higher level skills.

Finally, they concluded that those who trained more hours were also more likely to experience a CrossFit injury. I’ve discussed training volume in the past and its importance in optimal performance and minimizing injury rates. Volume seems to be one of the MOST IMPORTANT factor in preventing injury.

The only more important factor in injury prevention is musculoskeletal stress management. CrossFit athletes frequently develop tightness in their muscles and joints and are injured due to limitations in mobility, posture and form. Athletes also frequently progress too quickly with their weight. Even novice CrossFitters train like professional athletes, so they need to recover like one.

This is one of the best reasons to visit a chiropractor in Concord NC before and during your years of Crossfit workouts, and particularly if you have sustained any sort of injury. A good chiropractor understands the biomechanics behind Crossfit and will enable an athlete to recover from any injury, and help them to prevent injuries in the future.

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